5 Step Live Selling Strategy

A Strategy That Converts, Increasing Leads, Sales & Revenue

Create A Live Selling Show That Converts

Who Should Take The Course?

Business Owners who are serious and ready to build out a live selling development and growth strategy.

Content Creators who desire to build brand awareness, authority and mutually profitable alliances with brands.

This is for you
 if you are ready to:

  • increase conversion rates
  • generate qualified leads
  • increase market share
  • increase brand awareness
  • increase product awareness
  • do the work for higher revenue
  • increase customer engagement

This is not for you
if you are not ready to:

  • adapt to consumer behavior
  • provide a consistent live event
  • use social media to generate leads 
  • build a list of repeat customers
  • use social media to generate sales
  • invest in a marketing strategy
  • Amazon Influencer Starter Kit
  • Beginner Video Kit
  • Intermediate Video Kit
  • Advanced Video Kit
  • Digital & Streaming Resources


Get tips on how to get started as an Amazon Influencer.  Learn strategies to increase onsite and offsite affiliate commissions.

Do you need help with selecting  equipment? A curated, beginner, intermediate and advance equipment list will get you started.

Why wade through endless internet searches looking for digital tools? The resource guide has 40 apps and tools to help create and automate digital content.

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Course Curriculum

5-Step Live
Selling Workbook

With the workbook and step-by-step companion videos, create a sustainable live selling show to sell your products and services.  The workbook is designed to help you create:

  • A Live Selling Show
  • A Clear Action Plan
  • An Evaluation Process
  • An Optimization Process


Follow the 5-Step Live Selling Strategy Workbook and watch the companion videos to create strategies for:

30-page Live Selling Strategy Workbook
  •  A Stronger Digital Presence 
  • A Signature Live Show
  • Connecting with Loyal Customer
  • Selecting Live Selling Platforms
  • Collaborations & Brand Partnerships

The 5 Step Live Selling Strategy course is for business owners serious about implementing a sustainable strategy to grow their business with live and recorded video.

A 5-Step Strategy That Converts

The 5-step live selling strategy is the framework used for Living Water Quilter's Signature show, Quilt Conversatons LIVE!.

With strategic planning the Living Water Quilter brand is:

  • Increasing brand awareness 
  • increasing digital presence 
  • acquiring leads with a consistent LIVE show
  • building an engaged community of loyal customers
  • live selling courses, patterns and fabric
  • increasing collaborations with top-tier international brands 

Geraldine Wilkins, Designer & Speaker

Geraldine is an accomplished photojournalist, designer and speaker. She is the owner and CEO of Living Water Quilter, the brand that helps quilters discover and develop machine quilting skills. As a live streaming host, she hosted over 100 Amazon live selling shows, is the host of Quilt Conversations LIVE! as well as designed a live-selling show,Tool Chest, for Clover Needlecraft.

A native New Yorker, Geraldine moved to Los Angeles in 1993 to begin a photojournalism career at the Los Angeles Times. After a successful 11-year career that garnered a Pulitzer Prize, she moved to Virginia in 2005 to work for a worldwide Christian magazine as an international journalist and photo editor. Her photos continue to be published by the Los Angeles Times and Getty Images. Currently, she is a nationally published quilt designer, teacher and speaker. Geraldine is a brand ambassador for BERNINA, an international and top-tier sewing and quilting machine manufacturer.

Brands she has worked with...

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